Bioengineering Success with the Town of Devon

December 9, 2020

Starting in fall of 2019, Paragon Soil has been working with the Town of Devon to combat erosion concerns on two different public trails. Because of the severe erosion, large portions of the upper slopes and trails were failing and creating dangerous conditions for the public, resulting in trail closures. We started our work within the Battery Creek Trailhead (located in the Devon Lions Campground) with wattle fences, poplar staking, and willow staking. We were able to continue our work in preserving these trails in the fall of 2020 with a heavy focus on toe staking with willow at the water edge. In addition to the Battery Creek sites, another area was included along the Legs of Fire Stairs (located in the Devon Voyageur Park) that required the installation of a live pole drain, and dense live staking with willow and dogwood stems. Although the work was labour intensive, our crews loved being in these beautiful public areas and are proud to help keep them accessible for others in the years to come. We hope you check out our handiwork out next spring!

Right 1/3 of the photo shows installation done in May 2020, which is growing well. The rest of the installation was done in October.